Mixed Bag

84 - A Day at the Races

October 3, 2022

It's our final episode of You Must Remember Mixed and we've got some zany brothers to send us off!

That's right, It's the Marx Bros' A Day at the Races (1937) (we incorrectly attribute it to '35 in the ep, our bad!)

Doctor Hugo Hackenbush, Tony, and Stuffy try and save Judy’s farm by winning a big race with her horse. There are a few problems. Hackenbush runs a high priced clinic for the wealthy who don’t know he has his degree in Veterinary Medicine.

Does Cassandra's childhood favourite hold up on inspection? What the hell is the plot? Is James going to be chill with so many rogue horses? All this and more in our final look in the series.

Whatever we land on for A Day at the Races, check out some old movies and Don't Worry Darlings, we'll be back with something new very soon!

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